Tutorial: Stamped Embroidery

I have some really nifty rubber stamps I love, that I thought would be great as an embroidery. So I thought why not turn them into embroidery patterns. Here’s what I did.


  • rubber stamp*
  • fabric ink pad (I used a permanent one that required heat setting; I didn’t want my ink to potentially bleed later)
  • fabric (I used natural linen)
  • embroidery floss and hoop
  • iron

1) On scrap fabric, do a test print of your rubber stamp. Really detailed stamps won’t work well for this because the ink could be too close together from element to element, making it hard to stitch. Use good even firm pressure when stamping, and put some folded up newsprint or something similar under your stamping area for cushion. Once happy with your test print and choice of stamp, stamp your good fabric, making sure your fabric piece is plenty big enough for your hoop.

2) Follow your ink pad’s instructions as to how long your fabric needs to dry. Heat set as necessary.

3) Pick your floss colors, put your fabric in the hoop, and get stitching! It is your decision if you want the ink to show or not when you are done stitching.

Here is my finished embroidery!

*If you intend to sell the embroidery you create, make sure the stamp you use is licensed for such. Some rubber stamp companies do not allow you to sell items you make with their rubber stamps. If it is for a gift, it doesn’t matter.

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