Tutorial: Reversible Apron

This apron is easy, fast, and inexpensive to make! Plus it looks cute when you are done.

Hmm, that sounds perfect to me!


  • 2 different fat quarters of fabric
  • 1/4 yard of fabric (or a half yard if you want a wider apron sash)
  • the usual sewing things (pins, needle & thread (or sewing machine), scissors/rotary cutter, iron)

What To Do:

1) Gather all your supplies. In this example I am using a brown and white polka dot fabric for the sash (1/4 yard), a patterned floral, and a blue chambray.

2) Iron your fabrics, then make sure your fat quarters are square. Trim up as needed. Take your quarter yard of fabric (9″ wide) and cut it in half the long ways so you have two 4.5″ strips. Put right sides together and sew one short side together, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. (If using a half yard of fabric, you will have two 9″ strips.) This makes for a lovely super long sash that should fit lots of people.


Two strips sewn togetherPress your freshly sewn hem down, half on each side. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, then unfold and fold each side in to your center fold. Press. Fold in half again. Repeat for other strip.


3) Fold short ends over twice and press. Then sew short ends, and refold strip in half. Set aside.


4) Place right sides of your fat quarters together and pin. Then sew them together, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Start about half way in on one of the 21″ sides and sew all the way around, stopping about 4 inches before you get back to your starting point. This side with the opening is the top side of your apron. Clip corners and trim any extra fabric to remove bulk.


5) Turn right side out (making sure corners are nice and crisp), then use the iron to press flat, being sure to neatly close the opening and iron that down flat, too. Then, starting just before your opening, sew around all four sides of your apron body so the two layers are neatly connected together and won’t shift. Make sure you sew the opening closed. I used a basic straight stitch for the top (the side with the opening), then switched to a zigzag stitch for the other three sides. Your top side won’t show, since the sash will cover this stitching.

Turn right side out 


6) Take your apron sash (my polka dot fabric) and find your center (where you sewed the two strips together). Place your apron body in the sash, with the fold at the top, half of each length of the sash on one side of the apron, and the center of the apron matched up with the center of the sash. Pin. Sew sash halves together, up a 1/4 inch from the bottom. Start at one end of the sash and sew all the way to the other end, in the process sewing the sash to the apron body.


Done! Wear and receive compliments.

Other side of apron

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