Tutorial: Funky Fiber Beads

This tutorial is brought to you by… my Mom (aka Laura Goodnough Jones)! My mom is a rock’n artist, mainly working in mixed media and beeswax collage. You can see a teeny sampling of her art here. A couple years ago she gave me some super cool beads she had made, which the Wee One and I now enjoy making things with. I asked if she would be willing to create a tutorial for how to make them and she agreed. So without further ado, here’s Funky Fiber Beads by Laura!


  • wire (22-26 gauge)
  • straws (any size from cocktail to regular; depends on what size finished bead you want)
  • fibers
  • seed beads
  • white glue

1) Wrap wire around straw as far along the straw as you want the finished bead to be. Wrap it tightly but not so tight that you squash the straw. You can wrap several areas on your straw (and make several beads on one straw at a time) since you cut them apart when you are done.

2) Wrap a length of fiber around wire, as thick and criss-crossy as you want. Use a touch of white glue to hold the fiber in place. You can layer multiple colors of fibers, if you want.

3) String seed beads on a length of thin gauge wire and use as embellishment over top of the fibers. Be sure to wrap the ends securely so the wire doesn’t fall off of your bead.


4) Cut the straw on each end of your newly created funky fiber bead, as close as possible to the bead. Done! Now use to make jewelry, decorate artist quilts, use in homemade books, the list goes on.

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