Tutorial: Felt Envelope & Postcard

This tutorial originally appeared on imagine gnats blog, when I guest blogged there.


Chalk cloth Postcard and Felt Envelope

This felt and chalkcloth set is great fun for kids (they’re fantastic for keeping kids busy in restaurants so you can actually eat!) or they are a super sweet way to write encouraging or lovey notes to greet your kids when they get home from school. No kids? Then just make the envelope for yourself and keep coupons, grocery lists, or other notes/small items in it. The patterns are a PDF link for you to print out and use. I hope if you make one you will post pictures or links in the comments section below or my Facebookpage!

Oh, and a note to others with small children: A complete set can be made in one nap time. Or at least the example one I made here was happily finished during one Wednesday afternoon toddler snooze.

You Need:

  • Pattern print-outs 1, 2, 3
  • 1 piece of felt 8 x 16″
  • scrap of contrasting color felt
  • 1 piece cotton fabric 8 x 16″
  • 1 piece chalkcloth 5 x 7″
  • 1 piece felt 5 x 7″
  • scraps of 4 patterned fabrics (see patterns for exact measurements)
  • button
  • 3″ piece of elastic or ribbon
  • embroidery floss (for personalizing the envelope and postage stamp)

The Envelope

1) Using the patterns, cut out all of your fabric and felt pieces. For the felt postage stamp, use pinking shears if you want. Using your embroidery floss, stitch your felt stamp to your felt envelope piece, using the pattern as a guide for placement. (Or use your sewing machine. I zigzag stitched mine on.) Then stitch whatever amount you want your stamp to cost.

Embroidered To and Stamp

2) With your embroidery floss, embroider a word or name onto the felt envelope shape in the “To” area. If using your envelope for coupons or notes, you could embroider the word “Coupons” or “Notes.” For mine I embroidered the word “To” then appliqued on a felt heart.

Loop your elastic and stitch it between the layers of your envelope

3) Now it is time to put the envelope layers together. With right side facing up, place your 8 x 16″ cotton fabric on top of the wrong side of your 8 x 16″ felt (side without the postage stamp and embroidery on). You should have good side of felt with embroidery and stamp showing, then flip it over and on the back is the good side of the cotton fabric. We aren’t doing any turn right side out steps for this project! We are embracing the lovely raw edges of the cotton fabric for this project, but if that really bugs you, just press the edges under and stitch that way. Sew your cotton fabric to your felt along all sides, using thread that matches the felt color. You can use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine or whatever hand or machine stitch you want. **Just before you sew the fabric to the felt at the top point of the envelope, loop your elastic or ribbon, poke the raw ends in between the two layers of the envelope, then sew, being sure to go over the ends so your loop is secured to the envelope.

Mark where your button goes

4) Now fold the top part of the envelope (the point) down to close the envelope and mark where the loop falls on the bottom part of the envelope. This is where you want to sew your button on.

5) Fold up the bottom third of your envelope, with patterned fabric on the inside. Using either embroidery floss the same color as your felt and hand sewing or your sewing machine, sew the front and back sides of the envelope together, creating a “pocket.” I used my sewing machine and zigzagged up and down both sides.

Sewing the envelope together

Postcard Pieces

The Postcard

6) Time for the Postcard! If you didn’t already, cut out all of your pieces– 1 5 x 7″ piece of chalkcloth, 1 5 x 7″ piece of felt, and your scraps of patterned fabric. Don’t forget to add a 1/4″ seam allowance to the scraps, or use the provided pattern that has the seam allowance built in. Starting with your two 1.5 x 3″ pieces of fabric, put right sides together and sew along one of the 3″ sides. Press open, making sure to press seam towards the darker fabric so the seam doesn’t show from the front. Then sew your 2 x 3″ piece to whichever 1.5 x 3″ piece is the middle one, again with right sides facing and stitching along a 3″ side. Press open. You should now have three blocks sewn in a strip connected to one another.

three small pieces sewn together

7) Take your 4 x 5″ piece and place it face down on top of the right side of the stitched strip you just finished. The 5″ long sides should match up. Sew along this edge, in a 1/4″. Press open.

Fabric Collage layer done and stitched to felt

8) Place this fabric collage right side up on top of your 5 x 7″ felt. Using whatever stitches you want, by hand or machine, sew the two layers together. I used the zigzag stitch on my machine. At this point you don’t have to worry about stitching the outer edges together. Now take your 5 x 7″ chalkcloth and place that on top of the felt side of your postcard, with the chalk cloth facing up. (So the chalkcloth faces out on one side, then when you flip it over you see the fabric collage.) Sew around all four edges so you have a sandwich made up of chalkcloth, felt, fabric collage. Trim any extra length from any of the layers.

Postcard done!

Now it is time to play! Start writing notes and sharing them.

Front of Envelope Back of PostcardSet

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Handmade tag by Feathered Nest Studio

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