Tutorial: Fabric Cuff


I have been just crazy about sewing lately! I think the love was rekindled because of the gorgeous little Singer a friend is loaning me. (Pictured in a previous post where I am stitching together a banner. I think I will do an ode to the Singer in a future post.) I am also crazy about designing fabric and figuring out what to do with the fabric I design. So… while waiting for fabric I designed to arrive, I thought I would try out these sketches for fabric bracelet cuffs that I have been doodling for about a year. Since I have lots of random fabrics, it is good practice before my “good stuff” arrives, not to mention fun.What I did first was use paper to measure my wrist and created a paper rectangle template based off of that size. Then I gathered my fabrics. I’m using two fabrics that look lovely together (in this case an owl fabric and a leaf patterned fabric), plus an ivory fleece for the center. I cut those three rectangles out of my fabrics.

Then I put the right sides of the patterned fabrics face-to-face together, then set that on top of the fleece.

(So it was fleece on bottom, then a patterned fabric right side up, then a patterned fabric right side down.)

Then I had to do the first part of the closure. I cut a piece of hand-dyed silk ribbon and looped it, putting the loop between the two right sides of the patterned fabrics with the ends sticking out. Although I like the look of this, functionally I am going to switch to some sort of covered elastic closure so it has a little give when you go to put it on. (NOTE: I switched to elastic cord and it is SUCH a better option! The silk ribbon frays.)

Then it’s time to sew! Start about an inch in on a long side and stitch around the corner then all the way along the short side, next long side, and the last short side. (So three of four sides are completely sewn.) Then I turn the corner and stitch an inch or two on the long side I started with, leaving a nice big opening to turn the whole thing right side out.

Here’s after I stitched around and left an opening. Trim away extra fabric so it’s less bulky. Now I’m going to turn it right side out. I use a wood chopstick to make sure those corners are poked out all the way. After you turn it right side out, the fleece is in the middle, sandwiched between the two patterned fabrics.

Now I am going to turn the edges on the hole under and pin.

And now the zany fun starts! You are going to stitch the opening closed, and stitch around all four sides. That’s right, the stitches are totally visible. (You can use a contrasting thread or one that blends in with your fabric. It’s up to you.) This stitching not only closes the hole and makes the bracelet cuff lay a little flatter, but it looks darn spiffy. (Yes, I really do talk like this.)

Now go crazy! Stitch zigzags across the whole bracelet or curvey lines or both! Add as many and whatever type of stitches you want.

(Sorry, this picture is a bit blurry.)

Wahoo! Awesomeness! Now pick a button for the other part of the closure. (I use ones that were my Great Grandmother’s. I was lucky enough to inherit her collection.) Decide which side of your bracelet cuff you want against your wrist and which side you want out, and the button goes on the side you want out. It also goes on the opposite end of the silk ribbon or elastic loop. (Otherwise the loop would have nothing to loop around when you tried to close the bracelet.)

Oooh, I love it! Try all sorts of fabrics and also try asymmetrical ones (start with more of a triangle shape then rectangle).

Asymmetrical one (above)

Please remember these tutorials are to be used for your personal use only (please do not sell items made with my tutorials or patterns). When linking to my tutorials, please do not copy the entire tutorial to your own site, just use an excerpt and link to my site. Thanks!

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