Tutorial: Easy Fabric Tags

This is very super easy. So easy probably a tutorial isn’t necessary, but I enjoyed making these little ironed-on fabric tags and wanted to share.


  • iron-on transfers
  • cotton neutral fabric (I used unbleached muslin)
  • felt scraps
  • 12″ piece baker’s twine & large eyed needle
  • sewing machine

1) Cut a tag shape out of your cotton fabric. If you don’t want to freehand one, you can right click the tag jpeg I made below, paste it into a word document program, resize as needed, then print and use it as a pattern.

2) Read the directions for your iron-on transfers and transfer your design to the cotton fabric tag.

3) Once your tag has cooled, place the tag right side up on a piece of felt that is bigger than your tag. Sew the two layers together (I used a sewing machine, but you could do it by hand). Trim your felt so it is the same size as your tag.


4) String a piece of your baker’s twine through your needle. Do not knot the end. At the top of the tag, pull the needle through the layers, leaving 6 inches of twine hanging on either side of your tag. Remove your needle.


Now your tag is ready to hang on whatever package or goody you want!

You can also make tag buntings this way, too, and just tie each tag to a long piece of twine or ribbon.

I used these neat iron-ons one of my sisters gave me for my last birthday.

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