G is for Grow

g is for grow

Last week was “G is for Grow.”  The kiddo, whose name starts with G, had fun practice writing his letter Gs and loved that this is “his” letter.

For our alphabet page, I drew a large G on construction paper, then added some stems coming off of it in all directions.

letter G

The kiddo took his crayons and drew flowers growing off the ends of the stems and roots entwining all over the G.letter G2

Growing A Plant Mixed Media Picture

  • watercolor paper
  • crayons
  • watercolor paints
  • paintbrush

Start by talking about how seeds turn into plants. There are lots of great books on this topic or videos like this one.

Have your little one draw a brown line roughly a third of the way up the page, then a seed shape below the line. Using white crayon, draw root lines coming out from the seed.

drawing flowerdrawing flower2

At the top of the seed, draw a stem growing up. Add leaves on the sides.

drawing flower3 drawing flower4

Finish off your drawing with a flower head on top. Color everything in with crayon. Then use brown watercolor to add soil and blue watercolor to add sky. The watercolor doesn’t stick to the crayon, which is always like magic. Plus the painting of the soil reveals those roots you drew.

grow painting grow painting3 grow painting2 grow painting4

Voila! A beautiful art piece illustrating a plant growing.

growing flower drawing

Grow Paper Flowers

growing flowers

These flower forms are wonderful! I really love Roylco products because they are made well and are easy to use. I used to order a lot of their products when I was a full-time elementary art teacher (before my Wee One was born).

growing flowers2

The flower forms themselves were mesmerizing to the kiddo. He loved going through the bag and picking out which shape and color he wanted.

All you do is cut rectangles of tissue paper in whatever colors you want. Make the rectangles 2-3 inches wide by however long you want the petals to be. Fold them and cut curves into their end to give them more of a petal shape.

growing flowers3 growing flowers4 growing flowers5

Have your little one stack up two piles of tissue cut-outs, picking whatever colors and sizes he/she wants. The more tissue pieces, the fuller the flower. Fold in the curved edges (so they will fit through the slots of the flower forms).

growing flowers7 growing flowers8

Put one end through a slot in the flower form, from top down to bottom. Then put it up through the opposite slot. Gently pull it taut. growing flowers9 growing flowers10

Repeat for the other side.growing flowers11

Now it is time to fluff that flower! Unfold the tissue edges and separate each piece, gently fluffing each one.

growing flowers12 growing flowers13

You can use your flowers as tabletop decorations, attach them to 2-D artwork, or connect them together and make a garland, just as a few options. They would be beautiful made to look like waterlilies and tied into a Monet lesson.

paper flowers2 paper flowers3 paper flowers

Grow From Seed

  • apple or lemon seeds
  • soil
  • egg carton or pot

No week about growing is complete without some soil time! Cut an apple (or lemon) in half and dig out those seeds. It is fun to dig out your own seeds and also a great lesson in how fruit grows. Let the seeds dry.

growing seeds growing seeds2

Then add some soil in the bottom of each egg carton cup. Place several seeds in each cup. Put soil on top, then water each one. Place on a windowsill and wait for the magic to happen! I’ll update as they grow. They aren’t much to look at now, but just wait.

Next week is “H is for Home.”


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