F is for Fairy

“F” week was F is for Fairies!

f is for

We did our usual practice writing (big and little F’s) and our alphabet page. Then we got creative making things for little magical fairy worlds.

felt fairy teacup14

Felt Fairyland Teacup

  • teacup
  • felt scraps
  • stuffing
  • cardboard
  • floss and needle
  • paper and markers/crayons

felt fairy teacup4The kiddo and I love little things, so we wanted to make a miniature little felt world that we could imagine a fairy coming to live in. We started with paper and markers– my little guy drew what kind of world he wanted to make in the teacup (I drew the teacup shape on the paper to get him started).

felt fairy teacup9 felt fairy teacup8 felt fairy teacup7

He wanted a pine tree, tall grass, medium grass, and short grass. We picked two different green felts and I got busy with the tree first. It was a free pattern I found online, which was basically three cone shapes stacked on top of each other, stuffed, and a bottom sewn on.

When it was time to put everything together, we picked which green felt was the grassy ground and traced the outside edge of the teacup plus about two-three inches.

felt fairy teacup3 felt fairy teacup2

Then we decided on placement of felt grass of various heights, plus the tree. For the grass, I cut little triangular shapes attached to each other at the bottom. Once the kiddo decided where he wanted them, I sewed them on.

felt fairy teacup felt fairy teacup5

Then I sewed the tree on where my little guy wanted it.

felt fairy teacup6 felt fairy teacup13Now it is time to put the landscape into the teacup. Cut a cardboard circle to just slightly smaller than the mouth of the teacup. Place your felt landscape on top of the cardboard piece. Use a running stitch and sew the felt all the way around so it encloses the cardboard. Just before you come back to where you started, add a little stuffing between the cardboard and the felt landscape, so it has a little sloped hill look about it.felt fairy teacup12 felt fairy teacup10

Place it inside of the teacup and your fairy has a place to land! (We didn’t want to fasten our landscape into the teacup because we intend to make different landscapes for different seasons and climates.)

felt fairy teacup11

Autumn Fairy

  • cardboard
  • brown felt
  • scrap of autumnal colored fabric
  • acorn cap
  • silk leaves
  • glue
  • scissors
  • needle and floss

Draw a basic person outline on a piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Trace the same person outline onto your felt two times, so you have a front and back side made out of felt.

autumn fairy autumn fairy13

Use a couple stitches to attach your two leaves together in whatever looks like a good wing shape to you. Then sew the wings to the piece of felt that is the backside.

autumn fairy10 autumn fairy11 autumn fairy7

Glue the backside piece of felt to the back of the cardboard. Then glue the front felt piece to the front of the cardboard.

autumn fairy9 autumn fairy12 autumn fairy8

Glue the acorn cap on. Let everything dry.

autumn fairy6

Then cut a piece of cotton fabric into a rectangle. Use a simple running stitch to make a gathered waistband and sew a little skirt for your Autumn Fairy.

autumn fairy5autumn fairy4autumn fairy2 autumn fairy3

Done! Time for play.

autumn fairy15autumn fairy14 autumn fairy16 autumn fairy17

Acorn Tea Set

Fairies get thirsty, too, so we made them a little tea set. Two acorn caps are bowls/cups. The teapot is an acorn with the topside down (because it is flatter) and the cap removed. Then a smaller acorn cap is glue on as the teapot lid. A little piece of acorn stem is the spout and a thin strip of pumpkin stem is the handle (folded and glued on). Let it dry, then sip some tea!

Acorn tea set

Next week is “G is for Grow!”


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