E is for Earth

For E week, we explored our planet!

e is for

We did our usual practice writing (big and little E’s) and our alphabet page, plus some very fun Earth related projects. We started by looking through this wonderful atlas by Barefoot Books (one of my favorite publishers) and talking about the Earth’s position in the solar system.


Then we explored the maps and discussed how maps change as people learn and discover more about our world.earth map3

Alphabet Page

After our atlas reading and discussion, we made our “E” page for our alphabet book. I drew a big letter E on a piece of construction paper, and G had fun using green and blue markers to add land and water shapes of his own creation.

e e2

A Map of the Earth

My kiddo loves (LOVES) maps, so making a map of the Earth was a must! After drawing a huge circle on huge paper (seemed fitting), we used our atlas book as a guide. We looked at continents and their shapes and roughed them in on our circle, using crayon. Then we looked at deserts, forests, and mountains and how we could use symbols to show those on our map. Finally, we labelled oceans. All of this was done with crayon. Oh, the kiddo also decorated outer space with stars and moons and a black hole. After the crayon drawing was complete, we got out our watercolors and painted right on top of the drawings, green for land, blue for oceans, and a blue-purple mix for outer space. The beauty of watercolors on crayon is that the paint doesn’t stick to the paper where ever there was crayon, so your drawings pop out nicely.

earth map earth map2 earth map3 earth map4 earth map5 earth map6 earth map7 earth map8

An Earth for the Window

This earth is lovely decoration for a window or could be adapted to be a transparency for a nature table.

  • clear contact paper
  • blue construction paper (or tissue paper)
  • green tissue paper
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string for hanging

earth window

Begin by cutting a large circle out of your black construction paper. Cut the center out, leaving about an inch border.

earth window2Have your little one tear up the blue and green papers into small pieces, while you cut a piece of contact paper slightly bigger than your black circle. Put your black circle on the sticky side of the contact paper, leaving the sticky side face up.

earth window3 earth window4 earth window13

Then, looking at a map of the earth, start placing your green and blue papers on the sticky side of the contact paper so an image of the earth starts to take shape. This can be loose; no need to stress about “perfection.” Talk about how the green areas are land and the blue water and ask your little one questions like which do they see more of, etc.

earth window5 earth window6 earth window7

Then, when you are happy with your paper placement, place a second piece of contact paper on top, to sandwich everything in. Trim the excess, punch a hole for hanging, and tie a string. Hang in a window and enjoy your own view of the earth, without ever leaving our atmosphere!

earth window8 earth window9 earth window10 earth window11

You could also make multiples of these, showing the earth from various positions, not just our usual western hemisphere-centric position.

Next week is “F is for Fairy!” Ooh, do we have fun little fairy world things planned!


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