C is for Constellation

c is for

For C week, we explored constellations! We love a good starry sky, but the Wee One hadn’t learned about constellations, so I thought it was time. I took some great books out of the library for us to read:

constellation book constellation books

Zoo In the Sky is awesome! We both loved this one a lot. It has beautiful pictures, a brief overview of the constellation (like if it has any special stars in it, etc), and a little  story about its name or lore.

Alphabet Page

We made our “C” page for our alphabet book. We used crayons and black paper, and then G went to town drawing his own constellations and starry skies inside the C.

letter c letter c3 letter c2

After we read our books and looked at different pictures of constellations, G picked a constellation for our next project. He chose Leo and we made a sweet constellation pillow.

Animal Constellation Pillow

  • white felt
  • black cotton fabric or felt
  • white crayon
  • white and black thread
  • sewing machine or needle
  • polyfil or cotton or wool stuffing
  • scissors

constellation pillow

Start by drawing a silhouette of your animal constellation, like a lion, bear, scorpion, wolf, etc., on your black fabric (this is where the white crayon comes in). Cut it out.

constellation pillow2

Then put a dot where ever a star should be to make the constellation. Cut out little white starburst shapes from your white felt and sew them to each of the dots. As you are sewing, also sew lines connecting the stars to show the constellation outline.

constellation pillow4 constellation pillow5

constellation pillow7 constellation pillow6

Then sew your animal shape to a rectangle of white felt. This is your pillow top.constellation pillow9 constellation pillow10

Put pillow top right side down on top of another square of white felt, and sew the two together along all four sides, leaving an opening for turning right side out. Trim corners and edges to reduce bulk.constellation pillow11

Turn right side out. constellation pillow12

Stuff.constellation pillow13 constellation pillow14

Use the ladder stitch to sew your opening closed.constellation pillow15

Done! constellation pillow16 constellation pillow17

Constellation Painting Puzzle

  • watercolor paper or cardstock
  • white crayon
  • watercolors
  • brush
  • water
  • book with images of constellations

Send your kiddo into a different room. Then take the white crayon and draw dots in the pattern of a constellation of your choosing.

constellation painting constellation painting2

Then call your kiddo back and have them use blue and purple watercolor paints to cover the paper in a wash, like a beautiful night sky. Where ever you drew white dots with the crayon, the paint won’t stick, revealing the constellation!constellation painting3 constellation painting4

Then have your kiddo look through the constellation book and identify what constellation you drew. We had tons of fun with this!
Constellation painting5

Next week is “D is for Dress-Up!”


2 thoughts on “C is for Constellation

  1. Awesome idea… wish I could see what the other alphabet constellations are, I guess I’ll have to check my library and hope that they have the book! Thanks for sharing.

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