B is for Bird

For B week, we focused on bird related projects. The kiddo practiced writing big and little b’s, we practiced saying the b sound & words that start with b, and we read a few bird related books (including bird watching guides, which my kiddo loves looking through). One of the books we read was What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward. This is a really neat book about not just birds, but all sorts of creatures that lay eggs. G really liked this one a lot.

Alphabet Book

For this page, I drew a big giant B on blue construction paper, then G used washi tape to fill in the B. We talked about how birds come in all different colors and also collect all sorts of random things they find for their nests, so the washi tape felt appropriate.

b page4 b page5 b page2 b page b page3

Bird Watching

We of course had to go for a bird watching walk! To prepare, I made the little guy a book to record what birds he found. I used this free printable for the pages. I printed each page on cardstock,

bird book

folded it in half,

bird book2

then used washi tape to hold the folded page together, plus to decorate the other three sides.

bird book8

I did it this way because I wanted a sturdy page we could write on out in the field. Plus, the different washi taped pages look beautiful together (and we are in love with washi tape right now. Luckily both of my sisters gave me some for my last birthday & Christmas!).

bird book6

We also used the bird shape that came with the printable to make a washi tape patterned bird as decoration for the book. The book will be finished with a hole punch in the corner and metal ring, so we can add more pages as needed.

bird book7 bird book5 bird book4 bird watching

Bird Window Art


  • sheet of mylar
  • colored tissue paper
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • white crayon
  • Mod Podge
  • brush

Start by cutting your mylar to fit your window. Then decide on a landscape scene to create for the background, keeping it very simple. We used green tissue paper for a field and hill and blue tissue paper for the sky. Put mod podge on your mylar, then smooth and stick your tissue paper on top, in your desired layout. Add a light coat of mod podge on top to seal everything in.

bird stained glass art bird stained glass art2 bird stained glass art3

Then cut some cloud shapes and a tree or two out of your black construction paper.  Mod podge them onto your landscape, using a little to stick them down, then more to seal the shapes on.

bird stained glass art4 bird stained glass art11

Then draw some bird shapes on your black construction paper. We did a mixture of flying and sitting birds. Your little one can use white crayon to add some feathers and details to the birds, if desired. Cut them out and affix them to your landscape, too. Seal everything with mod podge. Let dry.

bird stained glass art5 bird stained glass art6 bird stained glass art7 bird stained glass art10

Then tape your scene up to the window and prepare to be delighted with how gorgeous the light looks, streaming through!

bird stained glass art8

bird stained glass art9 bird stained glass art12

Next week is “C is for Constellation!”


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