Mini Quilts

I’m playing catch up sharing projects here on the blog, so these are a few of my favorite mini quilts I have made over the last year.

This one I jokingly call a love story between skulls. “I want to live where you are” is the text.

The Mary Poppins series of books is one of my all time favorites, so I used this swatch from a fantastic Spoonflower fabric to make a mini quilt. It is hand embroidered with one of my favorite Mary Poppins quotes (which also ties in my love of tea). This little kitty is on a mini I made for my sister. The front features some of my prized Liberty of London fabric.

The completed version of this hangs next to my desk for me to chuckle at continuously. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist!”

This one is pretty traditional, but I love it’s bold lines.

And this one was my own design, to spotlight a favorite Cotton and Steel fabric.

8 thoughts on “Mini Quilts

  1. These are brilliant! Grateful to you for creating beautiful things and for giving me some inspiration! (I have a box full of “can’t throw away” textiles under my bed, taunting me.

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