English Paper Piecing

I’ve gotten hooked on English Paper Piecing this past year and a half. I love the return to hand sewing, working with tiny pieces, creating layouts, playing with shape and color, and getting to spotlight favorite elements with fussy cutting. Here are a few things I have been working on.

I love the paper pieces that Tales of Cloth and Paper Pieces both offer. The “family pack” from Tales of Cloth has a lovely assortment for designing your own quilt blocks, and Paper Pieces has every shape under the sun. Really. (Or maybe it just feels that way.) My recently discovered favorite thread for English Paper Piecing is Superior Threads Bottom Line thread. It never tangles and makes your stitches virtually invisible. It is practically magic.

One of the best things about English Paper Piecing is how portable it is! One of my sisters gave me a “sew together” bag for my birthday, so I have that loaded up with my necessary supplies and then can grab that and my current block/mini quilt to take my sewing anywhere. I have finished many a pieced shape during my Tuesday evening dance class waiting room time.

I hope you have been working on something enjoyable, too.