Very Mini Quilt Swap

Recently, I participated in a very mini quilt swap on Instagram. Like less than 5 inches mini! It was a lot of fun, although the size definitely made it challenging. I had an awesome partner who loves awesome fabric (and cats), so she was a ton of fun to sew for… although she is also an unbelievably talented quilter, so I was a bit nervous she wouldn’t like my mini quilts. Luckily, she liked them!

sewing hexie quiltbinding hexie quilt detailmaking cat minibinding cat mini Here are the two mini quilts I made when they were finished:hexie quilt mini cat quilt

I sent some goodies, too, including one of my DIY cat stuffy pillows.

cat stuffy

The person who had me made me an adorable hedgehog mini quilt (which if you are a fangirl of Sherlock on BBC, you know John Watson is often shown as a hedgehog in memes. Really. Click that link or google it and you will see I am not making this up.) She also made me a teacup mini quilt! Perfection.

quilt swap