Mr. Raccoon Loves the Rain

Raccoon collage

When I saw the pattern to make a little felt raccoon, complete with raincoat and galoshes, in Cynthia Treen Studio’s Etsy shop, I couldn’t resist. I ended up stitching him up for my son’s seventh birthday (how is he already seven?). The pattern was fairly easy to follow, since I have made many three-dimensional felt figures before. This was a good thing, since I literally waited until the day before the Kiddo’s birthday to start making Mr. Raccoon, so I had one day to start and finish him. I don’t recommend that for your stress level.

Mr. Raccoon’s  joints and body have pipe cleaners in them, so he is a bit pose-able.

making raccoon3making raccoon1 making raccoon2making boots

The little boots and raincoat are the icing on the cake of cuteness with this guy, too.

with boots onraccoon back raccoon

His coat has a felt button, two actual pockets, and a drawstring hood. For Petey’s sake, how much cuter could that be?raccoon2

Needless to say, the Kiddo loves him!

raccoon kitty kid

So does the cat.


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