Fabric Chess Board

making chess boardUsing birthday money my parents gave me, I ordered my first set of chess pieces. They are lovely and are weighted & sized for competition (not that I will ever be a good enough chess player to compete!). I did not order a board because I wanted to make my own out of some of my favorite fabrics. I went back and forth for what felt like forever, trying to decide on what fabrics to use. I ended up using a couple favorites I had on hand. The backing fabric and London one is off of Spoonflower and the black and white one is by Cotton & Steel. This is a link to the awesome London themed fabric I used. It is by Amelia King of Shiny Orange Dreams. If I can find the backing one, I will add a link to it later. That one is a canvas weight fabric, which gives the board some additional sturdiness.

The chess board rolls up for storage and travel. I appliqued one of the awesome images of a tea cup and a word bubble from the London fabric onto the back side of the chess board.

chess board
chess board1
chess board3
It has some wonky corners in a place or two, but I love it anyway. I am embracing its imperfections. (Ha ha)

chess board2I have a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40, and learning how to play chess is on there, so now I better get to work!


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  1. Interesting, just the other day I was thinking of bed quilt with a chess board as a medallion center. Was trying to conceive of how to make chess pieces for it. I like your quilted portable chess board. Nice touch the teacup on the back.

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