poetrees I saw an idea to make 3-D poetry-themed trees somewhere online and loved it! We cut a basic pine tree shape out of scrapbook paper (two tree shapes for each one, one with a slit cut half way up from the bottom and one with a slit cut halfway down from the top so the two halves hold together). Then we picked a theme for each tree’s poem. The Kiddo made trees for one of his aunts and his nana, so each poem consisted of words that described them. After he created his poem, he wrote the poem around the tree, so as you look at each side of the tree you see another piece of the poem. It was a really fun way to merge poetry and sculpture. It would also be fun to do with a usually reluctant writer, since it is more tactile and hands-on than just writing. The poems can be short, too. These are pretty simple, so work with where your kid is at.

poetrees2 poetrees3 poetrees4

(I don’t seem to have a picture of the Poet-trees all done, but you can get the idea from the first picture except imagine writing on all sides of them.) Update! I found two pictures of them done. Yay!

poetree poetree2