St. Nicholas Day 2015

Some pictures from our St. Nicholas Day festivities, at home and at church (with a visit from “St. Nicholas,” complete with a story, dinner & cookies, crafts, and a gift!):st nicholasst nicholas2

st nicholas st nicholas4st nicholas2

Of course, the Kiddo said it was not the real Saint Nicholas, since he died a long time ago. This led to questions about Santa Claus, who he knows is based on St. Nicholas, and whether or not Santa Claus is real. I gave him one of those classic Mom answers about the spirit of Christmas and carrying on St. Nicholas’ message of giving, etc… to which he said, “But who puts the presents under the tree?”

Aah. There’s one I could not fluff around. So I said, with a slightly sad sigh (he’s only six!), “Do you really want to know the answer to that question?”

He mulled it over for a bit and then looked at me, his head clearly filled with thought, and said, “No. I guess not.” After that, it was whole-hearted talk about Santa this and Santa that. He clearly wanted to believe for at least another year.

We also had a little display out for St. Lucia (Dec 13), although we didn’t do anywhere near the loveliness of last year.

st lucia

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