Catching up

I know I do not blog much any more. But, as it is a new year, I am trying to “catch up” and get back at it, because I really do enjoy it. To start catching up, here a couple pictures from this last Autumn that I never shared.

The Kiddo wanted to be a Super Black Cat for Halloween, so I stitched him up a mask, paws, and tail:Halloween cat

To accentuate the “Super,” he added a black cape that I made(not pictured).

Some of our Martinmas display:martinmas

Fall crafting:

making art

And a St. Francis figure I made. This is part of a new Saints sculpture series I am working on and these are hand drawn with archival ink and then painted with watercolour, as opposed to the wood burning I have been doing. He’s available in my Etsy shop, if you are francis

Plus I have been working more on my “Great Artist” figures. I have had these guys in my head for years and am finally getting them down on paper, to ultimately be printed on fabric and made into soft sculpture.making art2

And this little indignant meowler appeared, too.making art3

I hope all of you have been well. I will have some more catch-up posts soon.

with wishes for a blessed 2016,