St. Francis Day

We had a fun celebration at church for St. Francis Day (October 4). There was a Blessing of the Animals, plus fun kids’ activities like pony rides and a petting zoo. It was great!

st francis2

The Kiddo enjoyed coloring St. Francis related pages. That tan, black, and white creature on the table in the photo above is his stuffed cat Mittens. Mittens was blessed as a proxy for our cats, since they loathe car rides. A dog who was being blessed drank some of the holy water! Mittens was much better behaved than francis3

There were small farm animals on the church lawn, eating the church’s grass. This struck me very francis4

This goat was dubbed the francis5

Pony ride time! Although maybe they were really horses. Doesn’t that look too big to be a pony?st francis6

Plus he got to feed the pony a carrot. Fun stuff!

And since it was a celebration for St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, here are some animal pictures to ooh and aww over here. Our kitties, Snickers (orange) and Scotty (black):

st francis10

They’re really big, I know. It might be time for diet food.

And our new cat Purrdita (Purrdy for short), who was only supposed to be a foster but is now ours.

st francis8

Look, it’s like she has some other cat’s tail! She’s all white except for a couple dark spots on her head and then a grey and black calico tail! She is super sweet.

And for the dog lovers, here’s my sister’s dogs, Bingo and Max.

bingo Max

They are very nice dogs. And I am not much of a dog person.

That’s enough animal pictures for one post.

PS: Did you enter my giveaway for a Sunae kit and book? If so… the randomly selected winner is comment #4, Michele, who said “Oh I think we would love this! We love modern art.” Thank you to everyone who entered. I am emailing Michele now and will give her a day or two to respond, then pick another person if I don’t hear back. Thanks again!


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    • True, horses are big, but I would like to assert that this was a large pony. A giant among ponies! 😉
      I had to include the dogs for the sake of fairness! I can’t be antagonizing the dog loving readers, even if I am solidly in the cat category. Ha! 🙂

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