Hokusai- Inspired Printmaking

I have always loved and admired the work of Japanese block printers, especially Hiroshige and Hokusai. (Here is a marvelous video about both of these great artists.) Using the lesson idea from  Art Treasurywe learned a little about Hokusai, then made our own version of a “great wave” print.wave wave2

I have lots of left over print foam from workshops I used to teach, so we used that as our plate. Then all we did was take a ballpoint pen and draw an ocean scene that features a big wave of our own design.wave3 wave4The kiddo has people surfing in water droplets on the waves. wave7 wave8

And in the style of the great printmakers, we made a “signature stamp” in the corner.wave5 wave6

To print them, we decided to use fabric paint and print our designs on cotton tote bags.wave9

Roll out your ink or paint, roll it on to your plate, then flip the plate so it is face-down on your tote bag or paper and burnish the plate (aka, press and rub firmly and evenly all over, so the paint transfers). wave10 wave11

Peel back the plate and you’re done! The foam plates can be washed and dried for later use.wave14wave12 wave13

It was a lot of fun and a great way to introduce a favorite print-maker!

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