Dinosaur Fun! Creating an Ankylosaurus with Usborne

dino done2

One of my new Usborne books is called Dinosaur Fun and it is filled with great dinosaur themed crafts. G and I decided to start with the ankylosaurus. While the book is part of the Usborne “preschool activities” series, like with lots of activity books, it works for a range of ages. Since G is 6, he was able to do the whole project himself instead of needing a lot of assistance, although we worked together because that’s more fun.

dino7 dino

Instead of using regular cardboard, we used some nifty corrugated cardboard from a roll my mom gave me. It added a great texture to the dino.

dino4 dino3 dino2 dino5 dino6 dino done

This project is great for working on cutting skills, drawing shapes, gluing, and discussing composition.

We’re both looking forward to more dino crafting!