Easter/Spring Kids’ Craft

For the kid’s version of the Easter swap we participated in, G made 3-D decoupaged paper mache eggs, 2-D paper egg ornaments, and baby bird’s nests. They’re very simple projects but the end results look lovely.


Cut a nest shape out of construction or card stock paper, some little pieces of cotton yarn, some wings from fabric (pointy oval shaped), a yellow triangle from construction paper, blue egg shapes from construction paper, and a two-layer “snowman” shape from blue paper. Then just put everything together, starting with the yarn on the nest.

making nests making nests3 making nests2 nestbirds finished nestall nests done

For the eggs, either 2-d or 3-d, tear scraps of tissue paper, which you attach to your egg shape with watered down nontoxic glue or mod podge. Let dry and display!

making eggs eggs donepaper eggs blog-signature