A Lenten Journey to Protect Animals

G loves the show Wild Kratts. They feature different animals each episode and kids learn fun facts about them and their habitat. Recently he saw one that dealt with extinct animals, particularly the Tasmanian Tiger. After he cried for forty minutes about how horrible it is that such a wonderful creature is no longer in existence, we talked about something he could do to help with the issue of animal conservation/preservation. We decided we would save the money collected from our Lenten Giving Calendar for a group that is devoted to animal protection. G looked at a couple choices and picked the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He watercolour painted a long piece of paper, attached it to a tea tin, added images of extinct animals, and now it sits with our Lenten spiral to gather our savings.lent journey mapanimal protection2

animal protection animal protection3

animal protection5 animal protection6

We thought this was a great issue to use our Lenten savings for since it is an issue G is passionate about. G was very upset not only because it is people’s cruelty & lack of caring that has lead to so much animal extinction but also because it shows a disregard for God’s creation (I am summarizing his words). I am so proud of his thought process and his unbelievably kind and sweet heart.

If you would like to donate to IFAW, you can do so here.


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  2. I love watching Kratts with G. I am so glad that this is what he took away from those sessions and conversations. You have done a beautiful thing in actualizing his thinking and finding positive ways for him and us to contribute to making the world a better place. Love you both.

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