Handmade Valentine Garland

The Kiddo and I are hosting a Valentine swap for kids, through one of my Waldorf groups. We have 30 kids signed up! I am so excited about this. Each child makes five valentines and will get five different valentines back. For our contribution, the Kiddo made valentine garlands. They are easy and very lovely (if I do say so myself).supplies for valentine garland

Start by painting a sheet of watercolour paper with non-toxic watercolour paints. We went with warm colours because they said “love” more, or at least that’s what we decided in the moment. Cover the entire paper in paint and while it is still wet, sprinkle salt on it. This adds that brilliant snowflake effect to the painting. Let it dry, then brush the salt off.

painting for valentine garland

Cut out heart shapes from the paper, then write “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back of one heart and your kiddo’s name & the date on another (we used two painted hearts for each garland, plus a paper heart doily).

valentine garland3valentine garland

(I don’t know why I bothered to write out “Happy Valentine’s Day” for him because as I was writing it, G spelled it one letter ahead of what I could write. Silly me.)

Punch a hole on each side of the hearts. Cut a piece of yarn the length you want and string the hearts on: painted heart, heart doily, painted heart.valentine garlandvalentine garland2

Ta-da! A sweet little garland valentine to send off to someone special. They look charming in a window or on a door.

valentine garland done


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