Winter Magic

winter nature tableIt is winter here in Upstate NY… with freezing cold temperatures, snow (or icy rain), and howling wind. I know that sounds like something I should hate, but it isn’t, even if I were to try. I love the winter, I always have. I think snow is magical and winter, although seemingly cold and barren, is actually filled with hope and possibilities of what could come next. (Plus, winter is the season of Christmas and I live for Christmas.) And winter is hot cocoa and mug after mug of tea and home glowing with warm light. And sweaters and scarves and tea, wonderful tea (oh, did I already mention tea?).

The Little One also sees the magic in winter and while he might let an occasional grumble leave his mouth about wanting warm weather, for the most part, he loves it, too. Every time it snows, we build a snow wall along the edge of the front steps, even if it is only enough snow for a 3 inch high wall. This last time it snowed, he convinced me to let him bring some snow inside so he could cut hearts out of it with cookie cutters. It didn’t take much convincing and now we have some frozen snow hearts in the freezer.

snow playJust before he got home from school one afternoon, I set up a simple winter landscape scene for him to play with. He built a castle out of his wood blocks and had defending and conquering knights, along with a couple magical animals casting spells, jostling it out on the icy tundra.

winter castle1 winter castle

(Okay, maybe we change into pj’s the first chance we get. What can I say.)winter castle2 winter castle3 winter castle4 winter castle5 winter castle6On my windowsill (our unofficial nature table), I have a card that says:

Out of darkness shall come dawn, out of winter shall come spring, out of striving shall come peace, not by our power, but by the power of God.

And therein lies the hope of winter.

winter nature table2


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