Buttons, buttons, & more buttons

buttons3My younger sister gave G a button making kit for Christmas. Let me tell you, this is waaay more fun than it ought to be! The kit came with the pin pieces, a pin-putter-together thing (official name), and four different fabrics. You just cut a circle out of fabric, put it face down in the pin maker thing, add the pin front piece, fold the fabric edges over, then push on the pin backer with the other piece of the pin maker thing. (Don’t worry, the included directions are much clearer than mine.) Then get ready to be unable to stop making buttons. Seriously.

buttons4making buttons3making buttonsmaking buttons2buttons buttons2

Using a scrap of one of my Liberty of London fabrics, I made a button for my friend who brought me back Liberty of London fabric when he went to London last spring. I am going to make myself a button from each of my Liberty fabrics so I always have a piece of them.

liberty button


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