St. Lucia Day

nature table for st lucia

December is filled with many chances to celebrate! December 13 is St. Lucia (or St. Lucy) day. This day is very popular in Sweden, although St. Lucia was actually Italian. “In the liturgy of the Church, Saint Lucy has held, and still holds today, the inspiring position of a saint whose very name reminds the faithful at the middle of Advent that her own “light” is only a reflection of the great “Light of the World” which is to start shining at Bethlehem on Christmas Day. It is as if she would say: ‘I am only a little flame in Advent showing you the way’.” (from here, which also has great information on her history and celebration in general, as does this site.) This is why celebration of her day is often filled with candle processions and candle lighting.

Because we never pass up a chance to colour, we coloured this lovely St. Lucy colouring page.


He made Saint Lucy/Lucia’s skin have a bit of a glow… perhaps I emphasized the “light” aspect too much!colouring page We also made rolled beeswax candle, to tie in with the “light in the dark” theme.

making candle2 candle

With green beeswax, we added holly leaves.making candle3 candle2

I received this amazing St. Lucia themed transparency in a swap I did, along with this beautiful set of St. Lucia & Star Boy figures. I love these guys so much!


st lucia figures

The large St. Lucia even has beeswax candles in her wreath! And look at the braids and other details! See why I love it?

This is what I sent off for my portion of the swap:

st lucia swap

A wooden handpainted & wood-burned star hook that says “Be a light in the dark,” and a hand embroidered dala horse kitchen lucia print

This gorgeous take on St. Lucia is a print by the very talented Jen Wojtowicz. Her Etsy shop has some very beautiful art.

And the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.
(John 1:5)