Apple Window Decorations

Autumn means apples (at least here in the Northeast it does)… apple picking, apple eating, apple festivals, and apple crafts. My little guy and I recently made some lovely apple decorations to hang up on our windows, to get it looking lovely and Autumnal around here.

real apple

All you need is black cardstock, clear contact paper, and tissue paper (we used red, yellow, and green). Start by cutting a basic apple shape out of your cardstock; cut out the center of the shape so you are left with a frame. Repeat with another piece of cardstock so you have an identical shape. We made one bigger set and one smaller set so we would end up with two different apples.

apple making3

Tear your tissue paper into small pieces. Set aside.

apple making2

Then take a piece of clear contact paper and lay it sticky side up on your table. Put one of the two identical pieces of black cardstock on the contact paper. Then place pieces of your tissue paper into the center of the apple shape, sticking them to the contact paper and covering the entire center of the apple. Slightly overlap your black apple frame so there are no gaps. Here’s my little guy still working on his, while mine on the left is all filled making

Then place the matching black apple frame on top and top the whole thing with another piece of clear contact paper, so everything is all sandwiched together. Be careful to put this piece down flat so there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Trim excess contact paper away, punch a hole at the top, and add a string for hanging (or tape directly to your window). Done!


We love making these faux stained glass projects, especially after a trip my son got to accompany me on to a local stained glass studio. We are looking into having some of our windows at church restored, so I have been meeting with stained glass companies to receive bids. A few weeks ago one of the companies invited me, our Rector, and Senior Warden to visit their studio. My son was with me at work that day so he was able to come, too. We saw an overview of the process from start to finish and he was enthralled! The stained glass artist/restorer does amazing work, and the beauty of the pieces was undeniable. While making real stained glass is not really something you can do with a five year old, we love to try to recreate the glowing colored light with materials that are kid friendly.


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  1. I love this idea. It would be great with many autumnal shapes. I’m going to visit my daughter for almost three weeks. My grandsons love to do projects with this grandma. Grandma Gina who lives there is going to Israel. So, I’ve been summoned. I am thrilled. It’s difficult to find projects for a 3 and an 8 year old. I think the 3 year old could do this with some help with the cutting part. At least their mom will be there this time to help me, too. I was gently informed by the 8 year old that he does most of his homework on the weekend so we can craft each day. I get inspiration from your blog.

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