Summer of Rhubarb

Before this summer, I had never cooked or made anything with rhubarb. Well, the plethora of rhubarb at my local farmer’s market each week changed that! I made strawberry rhubarb freezer jam, rhubarb crisp, and strawberry rhubarb pie (twice).

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It was a yummy month of July!


2 thoughts on “Summer of Rhubarb

  1. Beautiful food! Years ago I dated a young lad whose favorite pie was strawberry rhubarb so, of course, I made it for him. I don’t know how impressed he was, but i did it. I had to use frozen rhubarb. Yours looks much, much more appetizing than I remember mine.

    • Thank you! I totally fell in love with rhubarb, making all of these different recipes. I am sure yours was yummy, too, and any difference in appearance was no doubt only due to using frozen instead of fresh! 🙂

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