I love swaps!

I recently did a tea swap and this is one of the packages I received:tea swap

This one is from Germany.tea swap2

She included my favorite, Earl Grey, plus others I have never had. Happy sipping for me!

I also did a winged stuffy swap (I made a flying gnome). I received this lovely little owl!winged softy swap2

Look at the careful stitching and lovely beadwork around the face. She did an awesome job.winged softy swapPlus she sent me a piece of cotton knit fabric in this cute floral pattern. I’m not sure what I will stitch up with it, but it is sweet.winged softy swap fabric

I have more swap makings and receivings (not a word, I know) to blog about but my computer died and I don’t have access to all of my pictures. HUGE bummer. My brother-in-law is working on trying to get my files off my old machine for me, so hopefully that works (and hopefully I can get a new computer soon).

PS: Thank you to everyone who left comments on my entry for the Umbrella Prints contest! If you haven’t yet, I would so appreciate if you could just leave a comment on this pin here. That counts as a vote for my entry. Thanks!