Creating with the Kiddo: Paper Flowers

The kiddo is one creative kid. making art He loves coming up with ideas for art projects, like this creature he made out of paper, marker, and pipe cleaners.pipe cleaner creature

The paper part was a collaboration between the two of us. He decided the paper should have lines of various sizes interacting with each other and filling the surface. When this was done, he punched holes in the paper and used pipe cleaners for legs, head, and tail. It was completely his idea and directed by him.drawing collaboration

Pretty nifty, I think.

We also made some coffee filter flowers. A couple days before we put the flowers together, we took coffee filters and watercolour painted them. Then they were set aside to dry. These become the flower petals for your flower.

All you do is poke a pipe cleaner/chenille stem through the center of your painted coffee filters (my flower used two, the kiddo’s used three) and bend the top of the pipe cleaner down so the filters are held on.

paper flowers9 paper flowers8

Crumple the filters a bit so they have texture, then fan them out so the flower is full and open.

paper flowers7 paper flowers6

Take florist’s tape and wrap your pipe cleaner completely. Voila! Flowers. paper flowers5 paper flowers4 paper flowers3 paper flowers paper flowers2