Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014

You may recall my inability to actually get my entry done in time for the previous two years for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. Well, sir, that isn’t happening again this year! I absolutely love Umbrella Prints fabric and can only imagine how wonderful it would be to work with yardage of it. The trimmings packs have a lovely assortment of little pieces of their different fabrics (each pack is color thematic), all of which is organic and printed with water-soluble inks. Their patterns are fresh and contemporary. So, drumroll please, here is my entry, made from this pack of trimmings: trimmings all together


His name is Owl van Gogh. Say hi.bird2I drew up a little owl like bird pattern, then cut everything out of the trimmings (belly and eyes are vintage linen, backing fabric is a white fleece, legs are wire, and buttons on wings are raw wood). I hand stitched the eyes on, embroidered the pupil, then added the beak. The body and tail feathers were sewn together by machine (on my loaned beloved Singer Featherweight), then I created the legs and put everything together.

in progress

bird 360


Like his namesake, this feathered van Gogh is an artist and created this mini work of art, using trimmings, vintage lace, and hand embroidery. I love combining the vintage fabrics with these contemporary prints. artist bird love people2

Because this is an artist bird, he needed a satchel for art supplies, along with a sketch book. Again I drew a paper pattern for the satchel, then stitched it up using my trimmings, plain white fleece, and a piece of lace for the bag strap satchel

The mini fabric collage Owl van Gogh created is based off of a quote I adore by Vincent van Gogh:

I feel that there is nothing more

artistic than to love people.

bracelet closeup

Using this quote, my trimmings, and vintage linen, I hand embroidered the quote, stitched it together with some trimmings, and turned it into a reversible cuff bracelet. bracelet4 bracelet bracelet2 bracelet3

I am very pleased with how this artistic labor of love turned out and would love to hear your feedback!



7 thoughts on “Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014

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  2. Love Owl Van Gogh. The feet are the perfect touch. I do think he should come with a removable ear that he can send in the mail…

  3. How creative – I love Owl van Gogh – I have a brother-in-law who is an artist so this really sings to me. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, creative, yes, artistic, no. You are amazing and this is superb. Please post when the voting begins so your followers may support you.

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