A little over a month ago, I started doing ballet again. I had forgotten just how much I love it– and need it. It is like therapy, a chance to clear my head, focus on nothing more than the line of my body, position of my feet, and placement of my hands. It lets my body and head unite for an act of beauty. My class each week refreshes me like nothing else does.

Anything that brings so much joy needs to be accorded due respect, so I knew I wanted something special to carry my ballet shoes in. ballet bag fabricI had been holding on to this London themed fabric by Amy King of Shiny Orange Dreamsย and a blue floral from Anna Maria Horner. I combined those two (along with a green cotton for the lining) and made a drawstring bag for taking my shoes back and forth to class.

balletbag6 balletbag5 balletbag4

The pop of green lining:balletbag2

I boxed the corners for structure.balletbag

I adore it and think it is the perfect thing for my beloved shoes.balletbag3


6 thoughts on “Ballet

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  2. Great use of that treasured fabric – for treasured shoes! I never tried ballet, mainly because it would be like letting a bull loose in a china shop. I admire it from a safe distance out of respect for those participating.

  3. This is great stuff. I really like the contrast you’ve got working here, and that blue floral design is great.

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