Five Years

Somehow, this little baby

baby g

is turning five today.


I am not sure how that happened since it feels like he was just born– although at the same time, it feels like he has always been my baby and my life has always been being his mom. Strange, I know.

me and g

He is such a joy and a blessing, and his birth five years ago was truly the day that has made the biggest, best impact on my life.

He reminds me of all the hope the world holds, how it is only our lack of compassion and imagination that makes things not possible, and if we just opened our hearts to the world and the people in it, we could make things better. I will be eternally thankful to him for this reminder.

hopeYesterday, as we were getting ready to head out into the rain, he said, “Mommy, doesn’t the rain sometimes feel like hope?”
Me: “Hope?” (not sure I heard him right)
“Yes, Mommy, HOPE. Don’t you think the rain sometimes feels like hope?”
Me: “Yes, yes it does.”

Happy birthday to my little love, reminder of all that is good, and beacon of hope.


3 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Wow! Five already! He is a cutie! I enjoy seeing your projects with him. I’m planning a trip in June to go be grandma solo for one week and then be there another week. My then 8 year old grandson thinks we have to do a craft every day, so, I’m already starting to look for ideas for us. I’m even trying to find some things that perhaps the just 3 year old and I can do, too. These are things they will have in their memory banks for a long time. My mother always had things for us to do. She believed in keeping our minds and hands busy.

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