PomPom Animals

Yesterday the kiddo and I had a fun day at home, just the two of us. We started the morning off with a leisurely breakfast and knights & castle play, which was followed up with story reading, bread baking (more on that later!), and of course, a craft. I’ve recently become obsessed with normally interested in the idea of making pompoms and bought some truly lovely organic cotton yarn for just that reason. I also picked up this pompom making set (or pompon set, as it says on the package. what’s with the “n”?) and finally tried it out a couple days ago.



The yarn makes the best pompoms! They are so soft and lovely and because the yarn is so thick and fuzzy, it doesn’t take much to make a delightfully fluffy pompom. (Yes, I do realize this is a lot of talk about pompoms.) Well, having seen this project I pinned, I thought the kiddo and I could have some pompom making fun together, too, only in the form of little cute animals.

I started by cutting out animal shapes with a very basic outline and circle belly. Then I cut a small circle out of the center of the circle belly– this is for the yarn to wrap through. The kiddo drew a face on one side.

pompom animal5 pompom animal1

Then you just cut and wrap a piece of yarn through the circle and out and around the circle belly, starting at one side and working your way all the way around.

pompom animal4 making pompom animal pompom animal3

Then take a pair of good scissors and cut the yarn all along the edge of the circle.

pompom animal2

Use a piece of baker’s twine and tie the now cut yarn pieces on the backside of the animal tightly together so the pompom doesn’t fall apart. Add a loop for hanging if you want to be able to hang them up as ornaments or part of a garland.pompom animal pompom animal done1

And you are done! Super cute animal pompoms.pompom animal done4 pompom animal done3

We made some kitties, too:

making pompom animal2 pompom animal done2

It was a fun project for the both of us and is perfect for a rainy or lazy day project.pompom animal done


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  1. very cute idea – what did you use for the cutouts? This looks like something my friend would like to do with her four kids (all 6 and under).

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