Winter Trees

Last week, we did another project inspired by Outside Your Window. This time we read “Winter Trees,” then did a similar watercolor painting project as the previous week. We did this for two reasons: 1) my little guy loves crayon and watercolor together and 2) I like to do the same technique a few times to make sure he really gets it. We are particularly focusing on covering the whole paper with the watercolor wash, from one edge of the paper to the other.

winter trees

He started with black crayon and drew a lovely winter tree– strong branches with no leaves.

winter trees2

Then he did a blue and purple watercolor wash over the whole paper, sprinkling salt on while the paint was wet to add a snowy texture (just brush the salt off when the paint is dry).

winter trees3 winter trees4

He decided his tree needed a little squirrel in it.

snowy tree3

snowy tree