Almost forgot to post about what we made for Valentine’s Day! The little guy was in a kids’ made Valentine swap and made these super sweet valentines:

kids valentine swap small

In exchange, he received valentines from five different kids from various parts of the country (all valentines were made with natural materials).

valentine1 valentine2 valentine3

He also made a few little gifts, too. The heart hanging decorations were made from paper clay, using cookie cutters for the outside heart and star shapes, rubber stamps to create an image, then watercolors to add color.

valentines valentines2 valentines3

For me, he made this super sweet Valentine of “footprints making a heart in the snow.” We read the book Snowy Valentine and he was apparently quite taken with the ending where the bunny creates a heart shape in the snow as he is walking to find the perfect Valentine.


To finish off our Valentine crafts, we made a heart shaped beeswax candle and ornament.

valentine valentine5

It was all very lovely!


2 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. I love the hands coming together to form the hearts. I appreciate your sharing how you and the little guy read and spend time around each special day and create special items to commemorate that special day. I think it very special that you spend time with the little guy. I know many parents are busy and don’t take time with their child(ren). Today many people want that quick fix and want the fast answer. Friday a good friend and I went to visit one of my 91 year old friends who lives 60 miles away. One the trip my friend was telling me about studying spelling words with her grandson. She is frustrated that her daughter doesn’t spend the time with her son (my friend’s grandson) to really get the spelling words ingrained into him. I told her she wants the quick fix and doesn’t want to spend the time and energy it takes to learn the spelling words. Her daughter couldn’t believe that her mother actually spent that much time and energy with the words. She forgets how much time her mother spent with her and her twin sister and later with her brother. Now that daughter has a two week old son to start this process over again. My daughter is a teacher and spends an enormous amount of time at home with her son who is in school and she reads every night to her 2 year old before he goes to bed and she plays and plays with him after she gets home. She knows the importance of time spent with her children. She remembers that her mother spent lots of time with her and her brother in the evening after I got home from work (her dad worked the evening shift). Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging others to spend quality time with their children, too! I found a thank you note to you from months ago on my counter. When it resurfaces, I will mail it to you. My mother taught me that it’s never too late to say “thank you!”

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Susan! I think it is so important to spend quality time with kids. It is our time with them that makes wonderful memories, not the things we buy them, etc.

      And I agree with your mother, thank yous are never too late! đŸ™‚

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