Snow Dyeing

One of the things we did while snowed in last week was snow dyeing playsilks. I did a swap with another mom in one of my Waldorf groups and received some undyed play silks for the kiddo and I to have fun with. Someone had posted basic directions for using snow to dye silks, so when we received lots of snow (again and again, day after day), it seemed the perfect time to try it out.

Here’s all you have to do:

Prep your silks by soaking them in hot water and vinegar. Let them cool a bit, then put them in a dish. You can accordion fold them or crumple them, whatever. I like the look of the randomness of crumpling them, so that is what we did. Then, pile snow on top of them. This part cracked the kiddo up because we were outside scooping snow with a serving spoon into the dishes that had our crumpled silks in them.

snow dyeing1 snow dyeing6

Then drop drops of food coloring on the snow. As the snow melts, the colors swirl and dye the silks. Let it sit with the snow on top overnight, then if all the snow is melted, you can rinse the excess dye out of your silks.

snow dyeing5snow dyeing7snow dyeing8

Heat set them with an iron, then for good measure, rinse them again to make sure no more dye comes out. Then, you have beautiful new silks to use as nature table decoration, to wear, or to use for play.

snow dyeing3 snow dyeing snow dyeing2 snow dyeing4

So far we have done two batches of these, and if the snow continues, we might have another few batches more done, too! sigh… I must admit to wishing for spring or at least clearer weather recently. I would love to be able to take more walks. But it will come, I know.