Snow Song

This past week, my little guy and I read “Snow Song” from one of my very favorite books, Outside Your Window. I’ve talked about this book before, but really, I can’t say enough good things about it! It has absolutely gorgeous illustrations, wonderful poetry/prose, and is arranged by season so you can use this book all year. It is a staple of our seasonal reading.Snow Song8

Before we read Snow Song, we took a good look at the pictures and discussed what we saw: what season is it? how can we tell? what time of day? what animals are in the picture? which animal made which set of tracks in the snow? and so on. Then we read the story.

Snow Song2

After the story, G wrote his name and the title of the story on a story summary sheet I created. (Feel free to print as many as you want here: Story Summary Sheet.)Snow Song7

Then he drew a picture to visually tell the story of what we just read. Below that, I wrote about what he drew.Snow SongOne of the projects we did to go along with Snow Song (which is a lovely little piece about how snow acts as a diary of what happens overnight, recording who has gone where) was a watercolor painting. Before the little guy came to the table to work, I drew some animal footprints on watercolor paper using a white crayon. I set up his painting area, and he chose the “winter colors” of purple and blue to paint with. As he put the wash of watercolors down on his paper, the animal tracks appeared– he was so delighted each time another footprint appeared! This also ended up being a good way to get him to do a wash over the whole paper, because if he didn’t cover the whole thing, he might miss a footprint.

Snow Song6

Once the paper was covered in paint, he sprinkled salt on the paper, which adds a beautiful “snowy” texture (once the paint is dry, just brush the salt off).

Snow Song5 Snow Song4 Snow Song3

We also had a ton of snow (like 2 feet, aiye!), so we had a chance to do another round of snow dyeing playsilks. This is such a beautiful technique and really so easy. I can’t wait to show you.


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  2. What a wonderful way to teach G so many things!!! He will benefit so much from these early lessons with you – besides the huge benefit of having mom’s attention and creativity to enliven each day! His painting is beautiful – you need to frame this one!!!

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