Recent creations pt 2: Peg Dolls

Some other recent creations. I received a wood burning tool from my mom, and I love it! I made these peg doll sets for two different swaps.

This little heart themed peg doll was made for a Valentine’s Day swap. I woodburned the lazily drifting heart onto the body, added a face and hair, plus “heart wings” on the back. Then I did just a little watercolor here & there. For the love token, I dyed the wood disc with watercolor after I woodburned the heart onto it.

Valentine swap small

I also made each person a cotton heart necklace out of a sweet cotton flannel plaid.

The set below was for a “Fairy Swap.” I made up the wish verse, then woodburned and painted the fairy and wish coin. I added some magical-seeming glass gems and stones, too, then put everything in a little muslin drawstring bag.wish fairies small

I hope my recipients love everything! I am very excited to receive my goodies, too.


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