Happy New Year’s 2014

Happy New Year’s Day! I hope 2014 is a blessed and happy year for my family and yours. The Wee One and I decided to make a little New Year’s craft, inspired by a project I saw online that I now cannot find again (couldn’t even find it with a google search).


  • card stock (colored and a small piece of white)
  • clear contact paper
  • string or colored raffia (which is what we used)
  • glitter, sequins, fibers, etc
  • scissors


Start by folding your card stock paper in half. Through both layers, cut out a large star shape, so you have two stars. Then cut out the center so you have two identical star frames. Place one star frame on the sticky side of the contact paper.


Then talk with your little one and discuss his or her wishes or hopes for the world for the coming year. We are pretty big animal lovers, so my little guy said he wished that all cats & dogs would have food and homes. Write this on your small piece of white paper and place it face down inside the star frame on the contact paper (you are working in reverse, building the front layers on the bottom with other layers on top). Then have your little one add fun little decorations like glitter, sequins, sparkly fibers, etc.


Place your second star frame so it matches up with the first one. Add a loop for hanging at the top, made of string or raffia. Add some trailing pieces at the bottom. Then place a second piece of contact paper sticky side down on everything, sealing the whole thing together. Trim excess contact paper and hang.


Now you have a lovely wish star to start your New Year’s off!


Besides our star, it looks like we are also going to be starting 2014 off with a snow storm. Our forecast is about 10 inches between now and Friday morning. I hope wherever you are, you are warm and safe.


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