Handmade Beeswax Ornaments

I had the happy good fortune to have my mom stay with us a couple days the beginning of this week. G loved having his Nana here, too. My mom is a super crafty, artsy person (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?) and happens to own some gorgeous clay molds. Originally they were made for cookies and chocolates, but my mom has used them for paper and beeswax ornaments. I asked her to bring them with her when she came over, and she happily obliged.

beeswax ornaments7

I made my first batch of beeswax ornaments and loved it! It definitely takes practice (which I need more of) to get them perfect, but my mom reminded me to embrace the imperfections in my creations as part of the handmade process.

beeswax ornaments6

I started by breaking my beeswax block into pieces using a hammer (100% natural beeswax), then melting it at 140 degrees F. My mom has a nifty “melting pot” by Ranger that she uses for beeswax that she brought along, too. Prep your mold by either wiping it with vegetable oil or spraying with nonstick spray. Wipe away excess. (My molds were at room temperature but I have seen other people suggest putting your mold in the fridge to cool it first.)

beeswax ornaments

Once your pot o’ wax is melted, pour it into your mold, once you have made sure your mold is flat and level. I put foil underneath where I was working so I had easy clean-up and didn’t ruin our new kitchen counters. After the wax has set for a few seconds, put in a ribbon or loop of wire for hanging.
beeswax ornaments2

Pop them out (which was easier to do before they were completely cold) and admire your lovely new handiwork. beeswax ornaments3 beeswax ornaments4 beeswax ornaments5 beeswax ornaments8

They smell soo amazing! The ornaments will be given away as gifts to friends this Christmas season, although the snowman is a surprise for my little guy.