Advent: Handmade Wooden Ornaments

G and I have been working on some handmade gifts as part of our Advent activities. We picked out some plain wood ornaments at one of our local craft stores that we thought would make great presents. Then I set out the watercolors and G got painting!

handmade ornaments handmade ornaments2 handmade ornaments3

After the paint dried, he used some of my homemade beeswax polish to condition the wood and give it a lovely luster. (I used this recipe to make it, after looking at several different options.) He loves the way they came out and I know his gift recipients will, too.

handmade ornaments4handmade ornaments5handmade ornaments6handmade ornaments7


One thought on “Advent: Handmade Wooden Ornaments

  1. Oh, the recipients are going to be thrilled. I would never have thought to use beeswax to coat them for sealing and luster. What a great idea! Again, I love the projects you are using to teach him about Advent. Two of my grandsons just lost their paternal grandpa on Saturday. One is seven and understands and the other is two and just wants to talk to his grandpa. They live 12 hours from me. Grandpa was the baby sitter, so they’ve asked that I wait and probably come after Christmas break when everyone goes back to work. They’re not sure that the grandma will be ready to start being the sitter.

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