St. Nicholas Day

Friday (December 6th) was St. Nicholas day. G and I celebrated by reading a story we found online about Saint Nicholas and talked about what makes him special and worth celebrating so many years after he lived (for G’s age, I emphasized St. Nicholas’s generosity and sharing, giving all that he had to those with less than him). Then he colored a couple coloring pages I found here (which is a fantastic resource for printables, recipes, crafts, and stories about St. Nicholas). This is also a great post with info on the real St. Nicholas.

Today at church the Sunday School celebrated St. Nicholas Day by reading some great stories and making a lovely paper craft.



During Communion, the children left one of their shoes out in the hallway and “St. Nicholas” (complete in full costume!) left them treats. stnicholas2 stnicholas6stnicholas3 stnicholas4 stnicholas5 stnicholas7

It was a lovely celebration and my little guy loved it.


2 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day

  1. What a great idea for the children to leave a shoe in the hallway during communion for the treat. I am enjoying reading what you and the little guy are doing during this season.

    I’ve been able to go to church because of my eye surgery. However, our children don’t typically come to church service with their parents. I had been noticing a teen with his parents in front of me. I didn’t say anything to them. I saw the parents in the hall on the way to my class and stopped them to tell them how much it meant to me to see them with their son. Some of my fondest memories are being in church with my parents. They just beamed and beamed and thanked me for stopping to tell them that I felt they are doing the right thing. I said not only are they training their son, they are creating lasting memories. My brother and I went to our local community church for years and my folks didn’t go to church for some years. I started dating a guy who went to my folks’ church. Slowly my folks went back to their church. At first we would go to his church and then my church. After my folks went back to church, we went to town to church. Since my brother was dating his now wife, he stayed in the local rural community and he doesn’t have the memory of a young man going to church much with the parents. However, his wife is now a pastor. I don’t remember her folks ever going to church. I remember going as a very young child. Bless you for your training of your son. It’s blessing more than the little guy.

    • What a simply lovely comment, Susan! Thank you. 🙂 I definitely agree it blesses more than him. Every day with my son is a blessing and getting to share my faith with him (and see how much he, too, loves it) blesses me even more. I have so much to be thankful for.

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