Advent: Accordion Folded Paper Garlands

As promised, here is our first project from Christmas with the Mousekins (we absolutely adore this book, by the way! It is adorable with a sweet message, cute illustrations, and great projects and recipes for kiddos and parents to do together).


This is a classic and super easy project: paper accordion folded garlands. I made these when I was a kid, and this book was a great prompt to make some with my kiddo.

We made tree shaped ones on green cardstock, which I cut out since the paper all folded together was rather thick. Just accordion fold your paper, draw a tree shape that touches both folded edges, then cut out your shape, being careful not to cut the connecting folded sides of your shape. Sounds complicated but totally isn’t. Then the kiddo and I decorated the trees with star and snowflake/snowball shapes, using white, gold, and silver crayons. The kiddo loved this project and it was perfect for the end of a very busy day with not much time or energy left in either of us.

tree project tree project2

We are using the trees as a backdrop for the lovely wool felted nativity my older sister gave me. It is fair-trade, which she knows I really appreciate. She also knows I am allergic to wool, but said she thought it would be okay since I wouldn’t really be handling them much, which is true.

tree project3

Don’t the trees look sweet behind the nativity figures? I love the arrangement together.