Advent started yesterday! Yes, that means it is December already… not sure how that is possible. I love Advent and its hopeful, joyful waiting and preparing. Do you have special traditions you do for Advent? We always did the Advent wreath every Sunday when I was growing up and often a daily advent calendar. My little guy and I went to church Sunday morning and he got to carry on both traditions: since he was first to arrive at Sunday School, he got to light the children’s advent wreath, plus each child was given a paper advent calendar to take home. His is a Churchmouse’s Christmas and is very adorable. He simply loves it!


I belong to a couple different Waldorf mom groups on Facebook, and in one of them I did a trade with another mom for a beautiful wooden advent spiral she made. We are two days behind because I need to get the candles for it, but we will catch up tomorrow after the Kiddo and I pick up beeswax sheets to roll our own candles. I’ll post a picture once it is all set.

I’ve planned fun activities for every day of Advent, all with a focus on giving and sharing. We kicked this off yesterday with a reading of The Star Child and a related project. Do you know this book? It is really lovely, with beautiful illustrations and a wonderful message about giving of yourself. The story focuses on a little girl who has nothing but the clothes on her back and a piece of bread, all of which she gives away to those who have greater need than she does. Her acts of giving fill her heart and are also noticed by the stars in the sky, who end up clothing her and turning into coins so she can take care of herself and others. The Wee One and I both loved this book.

star child

To go along with this book, we cut star shapes out of watercolor paper and painted them with metallic-like paint. Then we added some glitter to them and also wrote G-I-V-E on four of the stars. Originally they were going to become a garland, but the Wee One decided they should be a wreath instead, so we’re putting the final touches on our starry wreath.

star project star project2 star project3 star project4

Update (12/3/13): Here is our finished project, as completed under the artistic direction of the kiddo.


Our next bunch of Advent projects are based off of reading the simply lovely book Christmas with the Mousekins. I’ll share our first of those tomorrow. (Oh, and we are taking December off from our alphabet projects so we can focus on Advent and Christmas.)