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tale of tinyOnce there was a mouse, a mouse unlike any other. He was the baby in his family, but bigger than them all by far. His name was Tiny.

too big for home

Tiny, whose parents had an ironic sense of humor, always felt like he didn’t belong. His feet were the size of ten of his siblings, and he was so big he had to sleep on the roof. Although he didn’t fit in, he was an optimist and knew that one day he would find just the right friend and his size wouldn’t matter.


Tiny loved to go for walks, particularly in morning light. One day on just such a walk, Tiny heard someone say a gentle hello… and that was the beginning of a great friendship that would last many years.

tiny3 tiny2


It is Day 1 of Kerry Goulder’s Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop, and I am so delighted to have the chance to participate! “Tiny” is an enlarged version of the wonderful mouse pattern found in Kerry’s book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love. Sewing Tales is a gorgeous book, filled with well thought-out patterns, fun introductory stories to set the scene for making each project, and lush photography. The book starts with detailed instructions for stuffy making basics, followed by easy to read directions for each project, and ends with a perfect pattern for each project. I loved so many of the projects in this book and have several others on my to-do list (the house quilt, pillow, and Dolly Moses bed are on my sewing table now), but I knew the mouse pattern was the one to start with. (I decided to enlarge the pattern only because my little guy likes to be able to carry a stuffy around in the crook of his elbow; I have regular sized mice in the works for his Christmas stocking, and they will be perfect for play on his treehouse.)

tiny9 tiny10

If you are new to stuffy making, I would suggest beginning with this project. The clear step-by-step directions are accompanied by photos and a spot-on pattern (this last point sounds like a given, but I have gone to put someone else’s pattern together before and had things not line up right; that isn’t the case with Kerry’s patterns). Once you are done making your mouse, the construction techniques you’ve learned will be invaluable for any other stuffies you want to create (or just make a plethora of mice)!

The fabric I used is one of my favorite linens in charcoal grey, combined with a lovely pattern from Heather Bailey’s new Lottie Da fabric collection. I love this line’s nostalgic feel. (I added a grey linen heart on the bum. It’s not part of the pattern but is something I do with every stuffy I make.)


To stuff Tiny, I used Fairfield’s Supreme Fiberfill. This stuff is wonderful! It is super soft and lets you pack your stuffy as plump or squishy as you want, without lumps or rough spots. I also really loved the Bosal Create-a-pattern for cutting out my pattern pieces. It is a nonfray interfacing like material. You just put your pattern piece underneath and trace the pieces. Then cut each one out and go to town! I love how well it pins to fabric without being stiff like paper and how reusable the pieces are.

create a pattern pieces to be cut out



Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter to win two fat quarters of a reproduction print (seemed perfect for a story telling sewing project), a seam ripper, and doll needles (the last two are courtesy of Dritz)!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE: Thank you to all who entered! The randomly selected winner is Susan C. S. I sent you an email, Susan, so just reply back and I will get your goodies out to you.

Be sure to check out the other bloggers on the book tour and see what they had to say about the book! Plus, Kerry is doing fun stuff every day this week on her blog, Kid Giddy.

Today’s other bloggers are:

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A huge thank you to Kerry for inviting me and to the amazing sponsors: Dritz, Fiskars, Fairfield, Bosal Foam, Free Spirit, and fw media. (I was provided with goodies by the sponsors, but all opinions are my own. I’m not bought that easily.)


31 thoughts on “Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop & Giveaway!

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  2. I am just starting out and have only sewn an apron. I think this book would be great for me. Thank you.

  3. Love that mouse! My favorite thing I’ve ever sewn would have to be a quilt I made for a friend. Thanks for the chance!

  4. My favorite thing that I’ve sewn was a king size trip around the world quilt that I made for my parents. It used 4″ blocks and I don’t think rotary cutters were invented yet because I marked and cut each block by hand. This was over 30 years ago.

  5. This looks like a super cute book. I have 4 little girls who would love to make up their own stories out of these cute little critters.

  6. Your mouse is so cute. When I first saw it, I thought it was Piglet. My most favorite thing I’ve made has to be the very first quilt which was made for my first grandchild.

  7. Oh my goodness, Tiny is adorable! What a perfect gift for my new granddaughter’s first Christmas 🙂 I have never tried making a squishy before and your giveaway would certainly help!! Thank you.

  8. Tiny and his story is so cute. The favorite item I have sewn is my first quilt (log cabin)which started my quilting journey.

  9. Sounds like great stories and projects abound in this. Thank you for the chance to enter. conn_and_vans_mom atyahoo dotcom

  10. I have recently fallen in love making doll/stuffies. I am a longtime seamstress and creating cute little creatures is fun compared to “fitting” bodices to brides.!!

  11. Hi ! Thank you for the review~ My favorite item even sewn in a log cabin quilt for my mother in law! thank you!

  12. My favourite things are the toys I make with my children. We have made robots and teddy bears, wombles and ghosts. Sewing with and for my children is something that brings me great joy and satisfaction and I love the time we get to spend together.

  13. My favorite, is hard to pick. I love my quilts of course. But probably the safari jacket I made my grandson last year. His mom has requested a new one because he out grew the other one.

  14. I love to sew table runners… especially as gifts (just ask my sisters, aunts, sister-in-laws, cousins, friends….)

  15. My favorite thing that I have sewn is a quilt from the Quiltmakers’s gift. Just loved the prints and how it came out. I love that mouse. I usually stay away from any softies because they look so lumpy when I am done with them. Yours is just wonderful.

  16. This is so cute – no wonder he loves it. Out of all the ‘stuff’ I’ve made over the last several years, I’ve never made a stuffed toy (my favorite thing I’ve made is a cowboy bib, complete with bandanna). maybe it’s time.

  17. Thank you for a marvelous idea. Thanks for the recommendations for products. It can very difficult to know which products are the best on the market these days. I’m glad Tiny found a great relationship. The mice will be a wonderful addition from the stocking. Thanks for a marvelous giveaway.

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