The felt ornaments keep on coming!

I am stitching up felt ornaments like a mad woman! I have been able to get so many done because my little guy has 4 hours of preschool/speech therapy a week (it is an integrated program for kids with speech issues), and parents have to wait on-site while the kids are in class. I have a little sewing bag I bring with me, loaded up with embroidery floss and vital gear, plus my current sewing projects. Then I just sit and stitch while I wait.

Here are the ornament baubles I mentioned before:


I like their simple, classic shape.

Then there is this Santa ornament, who is totally cute:Santa ornament Santa ornament2

I am trying to track down where I got the free pattern from and will share it with you when I can locate the information. I just need to add a hanger to the top of his cap for hanging on the tree. Santa can also stand, if you are looking for tabletop decoration, although I think he has a humorous floating appearance this way.Santa ornament3

It appears at this rate that anyone I have ever met will be receiving handmade ornaments for Christmas!

Any favorite ornament patterns you have?blog-signature

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