A Sweet Little Monster

I signed up for a swap called “Adopt a Little Monster,” and I have to make a little monster (sewn, felt, crocheted, or knit). I sketched out a couple ideas and decided to try one out. Meet One-Eyed Kitty Bird, a sweet little monster with bird feet, a kitty body, and one big eye. She purrs and hops around, eating birdseed and drinking milk. She’s on the hunt for monocle sunglasses, so if you see a pair in the store, do let her know. Her favorite thing about being part bird, part cat? Those long wiry bird toes are great at scratching behind her ears.

one eyed kitty monster one eyed kitty monster4 one eyed kitty monster2 one eyed kitty monster5

She tried to make friends with the kitty, but he wasn’t having it.one eyed kitty monster3


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